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The concept of “School Hoppers” had its inception due to the utter frustration of having bad paying clients, the struggle to chase the client and listening to all the hair brained excuses of why payments have not yet been made. As a smaller or emerging business owner it is not financially viable to institute legal proceedings against these defaulters.

All educational service providers across the board, to list the default payers and warn other business owners of the potential risk.

This inexpensive system will save the business owner from unnecessary headaches.


  • Put the power back in your hands.
  • The aim is to create and maintain a comprehensive database for the members to access when a new application is received for admission.
  • It is a tool that will enable you to inquire from another educational service provider if the listed defaulter has settled their account.
  • The educational service provider can also update the status when the account has been settled to clear the client’s record and issue a clearance letter to forward to the new educational service provider.
  • The success of the system will depend solely on the effective and accurate updates by the members.
  • Create an awareness that there is a system in place to protect the small business owner in the educational sector.


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Garsfontein, Pretoria

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